Resumee Preliminary Study Isel – Drau

A conversation with DI Dr. Lukas Umach, Federal State Tyrol.

What was the focus of the preliminary study?

The preliminary study served us to find out what information and data already existed for the various technical fields – we call them “modules” in the technical jargon. Based on this, we were able to determine what still needed to be investigated in the GE-RM. We were also able to draw up a timetable and set the budget. Right from the start, we coordinated intensively with our colleagues from the hydrography and nature conservation departments. They also supported us in defining and formulating the specifications for the tender procedure for the supplementary investigations.

What are the important findings of the preliminary study? What does this mean for the GE-RM?

Parts of the project area on the Isel are protected Natura 2000 sites. This means that the nature conservation module is of great importance. The bird and amphibian investigations required for this is time-critical, which means they are seasonal and can only be carried out in spring. Because we were prepared for this through the preliminary study, we were able to make early preparations and start and complete the surveys on time.

What were the challenges and highlights?

I have particularly positive memories of the good and effective cooperation with the various technical departments involved in the preparation of the GE-RM. It worked excellently. Together we realised that there are already a lot of background information and existing plans in the project area, which facilitates the preparation of the GE-RM and, of course, also reduces the time and costs involved.

Outlook and Timeplan

We are well on schedule with the GE-RM Isel-Drau. The inventory surveys started in 2019 and were completed in the first half of 2020. In autumn 2020, we will develop guiding principles that define the goals for the Isel and Drau. In winter and spring 2021, we will then begin to elaborate the concept of measures. For this purpose, the affected municipalities and stakeholders will be involved. Finally, we will present the results – the GE-RM action concept – to the interested public.

“I see the coordination with the affected technical departments already in the course of the preliminary study as essential for the effective implementation of a GE-RM.”

DI Dr. Lukas Umach, Federal State Tyrol