Project phases

The IRIS project has a duration of 9 years and comprises four phases.

  • In project phase 1 – 2019 to 2021 – the higher-level planning in the IRIS pilot regions will be carried out using the planning instrument “River Development and Risk Management Concept” (GE-RM). At the end of the first phase, coordinated programmes of measures are available for each pilot region. From these, concrete measures are selected and implemented as part of the IRIS project.
  • In project phase 2 (2022 to 2023) and project phase 3 (2024 to 2025), these measures will be planned in detail and – after obtaining the water permit – implemented. The success of the measures in terms of the ecological improvements achieved and the effects on flood protection and various other ecosystem services will be determined and evaluated in pre- and post-monitoring using specific indicators.
  • In the final project phase 4 from 2026 to 2027, the project results will be summarised and evaluated. On the basis of experiences and findings from the IRIS project, the guidelines for the implementation of River Development and Risk Management Concepts (GE-RM) will be revised and recommendations for the future application of GE-RM planning in Austria will be derived.

Accompanying all four project phases, specific project actions are dedicated to the development of implementation capacities and cross-sectoral, technical and administrative networks as well as public relations work, information and raising of public awareness.