Resumee Preliminary Study Enns Salzburg

A conversation with Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Prodinger, Federal State Salzburg

What was the focus of the preliminary study?

In the past numerous studies and projects on the rivers Enns and Taurach in Salzburg were conducted and implemented. The challenge in the preliminary study was to compile and review the existing documents on flood protection and river ecology that already exist for the project area. This task worked out well. With this basis, we were able to carry out a targeted tendering procedure for the implementation of the GE-RM planning process.

What are the important findings of the preliminary study? What does this mean for the GE-RM?

The topic of flood risk management is already well covered. This topic no longer needs to be dealt with in its entirety in the GE-RM planning process. The GE-RM will therefore focus on ecological aspects.

What were the challenges and highlights?

Unfortunately, there is little land owned by the public along the Enns and Taurach. If you want to implement morphological mitigation measures, which naturally requires the acquisition of land in the floodplain, conflicts with intensive agriculture are inevitable. Here we are thinking intensively about how we can obtain suitable areas for measures. Above all we focus on individual information and discussions. At this point I would like to make a public appeal: Landowners who would like to sell land near rivers to us are welcome to contact us at any time!

A positive highlight is undoubtedly that the pilot measure in the area of the nature-protected Mandlinger Moor, which had already been considered in advance, will most likely be implemented.

Outlook and Timeplan

Compared to the other GE-RMs in the IRIS project, the GE-RM Enns-Taurach is a “small” GE-RM. The tendering procedure has already started in autumn 2019 and the planning process is well advanced. The pilot measure is also already foreseeable – so the planned time schedule will be easily respected.

“The topic of flood risk management is already well covered. In the GE-RM for the Enns and Taurach in Salzburg, the focus will therefore be on ecological aspects.”

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Prodinger, Federal State Salzburg